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To help small business leaders create a championship culture with employees performance at the highest levels, Skip recently published this white paper report The Missing Ingredient Necessary to Improve Employee Performance.

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Their ability to effortlessly be who they were, speak their truth, and command the crowd only punctuated the fact that I struggled to do so myself.He said, “everyone is better than others at something and because of that we must be humble enough to realize that when we are in front of someone else, and for that reason, everyone deserves our respect and appreciation.” And, it really doesn’t matter what that is, or even if it’s important to us.Just being humble enough to know that that’s the truth leads to mutual respect. You know much more about your role than your bosses, this makes you a peer of them. He feels intimated when he has to speak to superiors.He told me he gets tongue-tied, whether it be a one-on-one conversation or a presentation in a meeting. He, and many others I’ve coached over the years, feel intimated because they feel “less than” the people they are in front of.

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