In parallel with updating

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When you are updating the majority of rows in a table, using Create Table As Select (CTAS) is often more efficient performance than a standard update.

For example, assume that the following update changed 75% of the table rows: shows a case where the developer forgot to include the SET condition in the UPDATE WHERE clause, causing high redo waits (log file parallel write waits, log file sync waits).

My question is, I'd like the updates to run in parallel and I'm wondering if there's a way to do it within one script or if I need separate scripts for each partition.

When you perform a side-by-side deployment of System Center 2016 - Operations Manager or System Center Operations Manager 1801 from a previous version (also referred to as a parallel deployment) with your existing Operations Manager management group, you can continue to proactively monitor your workloads and maintain insight into the availability of your critical services.

We can dictate to the SQL Server query optimizer how many threads will run in parallel.

In some cases, the SQL Server query optimizer chooses a parallel execution plan, primarily because the SQL Server query optimizer decides a parallel execution plan cost is more optimum than a serial execution plan.

Now we will look at some examples of parallel execution plans and properties.

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