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We used to have a lot of problems when we shared the same space for an extended period of time. I found it very frustrating because he always needed/wanted my help in every single step."S help me cut this, S we need to do that, S come with me over there, S this S that." It used to get on my nerves so much. We've figured out the other's pet peeves and learned to support each other through them.Often times we get way too invested in something, or someone, that we don’t see clearly and we get hurt. We all know what happens when a fire burns too hot too fast. When you are gaga eyed and wearing rose colored glasses you miss some really important things.

The PE firm is scheduling a call this coming week to discuss H's case that he submitted a month ago.

I was reading recently something that I found quite interesting.

The author was talking about giving and receiving as a form of emotional investment and how both giving and receiving should be accompanied by gratitude and acknowledgement even when it’s not something material, but what she said next really is applicable in dating. The investment must be mutual and equal for it to stay positive.

All good things exist in moderation – anything excess (too much, or not enough) will have the same consequence – a negative one That is why it’s important to enjoy the process and not worry too much about the outcomes of dating.

Doing so will ensure you will ALWAYS have a positive outcome from any dating arrangement you enter into because you are fully aware of what you’re doing and you’re not being led by your emotions.

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