Is chris richardson dating lindsay

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The star has dated some of the most famous people on the planet. In March 2014, a list hand-written by Lindsay herself surfaced, detailing all her conquests and exes.It was reported she and some friends were having fun gossiping about people in the Industry when she wrote the list.

The Goofy One: Adorkable runner-up David "Oh My Heck" Archlueta may not be selling albums the way he did post-"Idol," but he's still a big star in Asia, where he racks up huge appearance fees.

The Goofy One: Diablo Cody's fave, semifinalist Alex Wagner-Trugman, quietly inked a deal with an indie and is headed to the studio to record an album's worth of haunting original tunes influenced by Nick Drake and his own warped sense of humor.

The One You Know: Baby, unless you've locked them doors and turned the lights down low, you couldn't miss that teenager Scotty Mc Creery is finally returning some platinum to the "Idol" crown.

Details are scarce, but we've heard through the grapevine that the song is really good and awesomely old-school.

The Goofy One: Bearded jokester Casey Abrams recently announced that he was signed to legendary jazz label Concord Music Group in a charmingly silly way — by posting a cute lil' original ditty called "I Got Signed." The One You Shouldn't Count Out Just Yet: Stefano Langone never quite found his footing on the "Idol" stage, but a star was born on the American Idols Live!

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