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Generate a trust store which contains only the certificate and hand that out to clients.

Many java clients prefer to have the trust store in JKS format.

Exception: Input not an X.509 certificate"Error: Input not an X.509 certificate Cause An improperly formatted certificate is being imported into the keystore.

JDK's keystore is very particular about the format that it accepts.

keytool -export -v \ -alias exampleca \ -file \ -keypass:env PW \ -storepass:env PW \ -keystore \ -rfcexport PW=`cat password` # Create a server certificate, tied to keytool -genkeypair -v \ -alias \ -dname ", OU=Example Org, O=Example Company, L=San Francisco, ST=California, C=US" \ -keystore jks \ -keypass:env PW \ -storepass:env PW \ -keyalg RSA \ -keysize 2048 \ -validity 385 # Create a certificate signing request for keytool -certreq -v \ -alias \ -keypass:env PW \ -storepass:env PW \ -keystore jks \ -file csr # Tell example CA to sign the certificate.

Note the extension is on the request, not the # original certificate.

keytool -gencert -v \ -alias exampleca \ -keypass:env PW \ -storepass:env PW \ -keystore \ -infile csr \ -outfile crt \ -ext Key Usage:critical="digital Signature,key Encipherment" \ -ext EKU="server Auth" \ -ext SAN="" \ -rfc # Tell jks it can trust exampleca as a signer.

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Public key certificates are a solution to the problem of identity.

Encryption alone is enough to set up a secure connection, but there’s no guarantee that you are talking to the server that you think you are talking to.

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