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242 second column, line 40 for the words " Ml YAGl-KEN NOKWAI (Miyagi-ken " read " Ml YAZAKl-KEN NOKWAI (Miyazaki-ken 246 first column, line 24 and page 345 second column, line 39 before " KANZAKI-GUN SOMEN DOGYO KUMIAl " insert " HIMEJI-SHI, SHIKAMA-GUN 255 second column, line 1 1 and page 339 first column, 1 5 for the word "GRIFFORD" read " CRIFFORD 258 first column, line 2 and page 353 second column, line 29 for the word " NAGABE " read *' OSABE 37 (Advt.) for the word " Nagaregawa " read " Nagareyama ". JAPAN AND HER EXHIBITS AT THE PANAMA-PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 19 15 PREPARED BY HAKURANKWAI KYOKWAI (SOCIETE DEs EXPOSITIONS) TOKYO, JAPAN PRINTED BY THE JAPAN MAGAZINE CO. The Imperial Commission to the Panama-Pacific Inter- national Exposition is placed under the control of the Minister of Agriculture and Commerce, and will conduct all business relating to support to be given to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition to be held at San Francisco, California, U. The Minister of Agriculture and Commerce assumes the office of President with a standing requiring the same official treatment as in his proper post. Article VIIL The Society appoints ten directors and two auditors who are elected at the general meeting. (The Bureau o{ Productive industry, Formosan Govern- ment.) {Mfi^'Wm^m Ml 240 244 TAIWAN TOGYO RENGO KWAi.

The Commissioners and the Inspectors receive the treatment of the rank of ' Sonin-Kwan ' ; but in case they happen to III be officials of the rank of ' Chokunin-Kwan,' or were officials of ' Chokunin-Kwan ' rank, or if they be receiving or have received the treatment of ' Chokunin-Kwan,' they will receive the treatment accorded to officials of the rank of ' Chokunin- Kwan.' , Arriclel V. The vice president assists the president, and acts for the president in case he may be prevented from attending to business by some unavoidable cause.

The office of vice-president of the department is filled by the special director of Societe des Expositions. The clerks are appointed or dismissed by the president. The President of the department controls all the business of the d epartment. Akita Scenes : Lake Tazawa ; Lake Towada ; Oga Peninsula 55 18. Kamakura and the Neighbouring Scenes: The Memorial of Perry Landing at Kurihama; The Great Buddha at Kamakura ; The Hachiman Shrine at Kamakura ; Ye-no-shima, near Kamakura 78 23.

X The vice-present assists the president in the transaction of business, and acts for the president in case he should be prevent- ed from conducting the business himself. Goods traded with different countries 70 MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY L General remarks 72 II. General condition of different manufacturing industries. Hokkaido ocenes : A Lecture Hall, The Garden, and the Experimental Farm, of the College of Agriculture, Sapporo; Aino; Bird's Eye View of Hakodate , 62 1 9. Hak one and Atami Scenes : Miyanoshita, the River Miyagino, and Sokokura, at Hakone ; Bird's Eye View and Hot Spring, at Atami ... Shizuoka Scenes : The Main Shrine of Kuno ; General View of Mt.

VIII The settled accounts shall be approved by the genera J meeting. OFFICERS PRESIDENT: Shlgenobu Hirayama : Court Councillor ; Member of the House of Peers Vice-President of the International Combined Association of the Permanent Committee of Exhibitions. The Department of Liberal Arts 1 68 Typography — various printing processes 1 68 Books and publications 1 68 Manufacture of paper 1 68 Instruments of precision, philosophical apparatus, etc., coins and medals 1 72 Medicine and surgery 1 72 Chemical and pharmacal arts 1 72 XVIII TABLE OF CONTENTS Musice J instruments 177 Electrical methods of communication 177 Models, plans and designs for public works ... The Department of manufactures and vaned industries.

DIRECTORS : Monmasa Takei, Baron : Member of the House of Peers. 1 78 Stationery, desk accessories, artistic materials ...

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