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The latter is especially interesting, as it symbolises the more or less indestructible nature of Scorpio people – they seem reborn, like whole new people, after disastrous life events.Scorpio people challenge life from a position of gut feelings and keen observation, and they dare the depths of being that folks like Libra find simply distasteful.However, the Libra woman is someone who always seems to be busy, and it could try the Scorpio man’s patience to say the least.He likes to have her close at hand, yet she’s content to flit about meeting up with all kinds of people.Debate is fiercely divided between just how viable it is to date one’s astrological neighbour – the star sign directly before or after one’s own.

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Yet expressing this, or trying to get her to keep still, comes off as monstrously possessive and controlling.That’s probably because astrological neighbouring star signs often vary wildly from one to the other – it’s not a smooth transition of personality traits, but often a jarring jump between philosophical outlooks.For instance, here, Libra believes in justice, while Scorpio prefers revenge.They’re often artisans of some sort, or creatively gifted in some way that helps make beauty shine in their surroundings.Compare this light and airy energy to Scorpio – a star sign so complex there are at least four animals representing it, one of which is mythical.

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