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If you already have a dating profile published at any of the dating sites, midlife dating expert April Braswell coaches you on what to do with your current profile to still exploit that extra attention your profile receives from the dating sites and apps promoting you as a New posted profile.If you’re a single who is serious about finding love and seeks a long term relationship, then you really do not want to waste that precious promotion time on a ho hum profile with just yawn sea of sameness profile text and photographs.The strength of internet dating is to meet a ton of new singles you aren’t already meeting in your daily life, busy as a single mom or dad, busy with your successful career, and maybe in a bit of a rut with the exact same circle of friends now that you’re in your forties, fifties or sixties sixty or so.But remember, the POINT of singles dating apps is actually to MEET for a first date and segue from there.

Weaving together photos that pique potential dates’ interest in you with interesting profile text can create the Crave to Meet feeling in them.

Ladies and gentlemen, sure, we all know not to talk on our cell phones on a date unless it’s an emergency.

But we need to put our smart phones away on a First Date. But then how can you behavior courteously to your date and not be phenomenally rude?

#First Date Phone Etiquette #Marriage Minded Dating Coach This online dating advice is intended for midlife single men and women, perhaps widowed like myself, single never married, or re entering the singles scene after an absence from having been married already for awhile and now dating again after divorce.

The advice is practical and can make the essential difference between wasting your time and money at online dating sites, and being one of those fun singles success stories.

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