Morena baccarin who is she dating

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The Brazilian-born beauty and the American director were expecting their first child, son Julius.At the time of reported that Chick filed for divorce after just more than three years of marriage, claiming Baccarin, who was then living in New York where the series filmed, had cheated on him with her co-star, Benjamin Mc Kenzie (who plays her onscreen lover, Detective Jim Gordon.) Chick supposedly had no idea Baccarin and Mc Kenzie were hooking up until he was presented with pretty irrefutable evidence.She first appeared in season 10 episode "Counterstrike" as adult Adria (the younger versions of Adria were previously played by other actresses).Baccarin reprised her role in the movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth.On June 2, 2017 — Baccarin's 38th birthday — the couple tied the knot in a "small, intimate ceremony" with family and close friends at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.Mc Kenzie talked about the timing of the wedding with talk show host Harry Connick Jr.

' Then I thought of what kind of boy I was at 25, and [I was] that kind of idiot." That's basically how Baccarin remembered it too during an April 2017 appearance on , he said 'Nice to meet you,' and I was like, 'Actually, we worked together before.' He was like, 'Uh, I'm sorry.' I should say, disclaimer: We didn't act together, we were in a party scene at the same time … Such stress will affect my personal well-being and potentially cause harm to the health of my unborn child." reported that Baccarin was ready to give birth at any second.

In 2016, Baccarin appeared alongside Ryan Reynolds in the hit movie Deadpool as Vanessa Carlysle. Baccarin works with the International Rescue Committee on behalf of refugees.

In January 2019 she wrote an article in the Newsweek magazine describing her experiences.

That same month, Baccarin joined the cast of the Showtime television drama Homeland, On July 18, 2013, she was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the 2013 Primetime Emmy awards for her performance.

Baccarin appeared alongside Melissa Mc Carthy in the 2015 action-comedy Spy as agent Karen Walker. She portrayed the character in all five seasons of the show.

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