Obama intimidating supreme court

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This is condign punishment for the EPA’s arrogance last year after the Court held that it had no authority for a rule regulating fossil-fueled power plants in Michigan.The EPA snidely responded with a gloating statement that the Court’s decision came too late to prevent it from imposing almost billion in costs under the illegal rule.The lawsuit aims to invalidate that policy and ensure that the families’ cases receive individualized reviews.Asylum-seeking mothers and children are being detained at facilities across the country, in places such as Karnes, Texas, and Berks County, Penn.The litany of liberal complaints includes Republicans, Fox News, global warming “deniers,” conservatives’ silly fixation with religious freedom, and the United States Supreme Court.

otice the Newtonian physics of America’s Madisonian system.

The Court has blocked Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which rests on the rickety premise that the Clean Air Act somehow, in a way unsuspected for four decades, empowers the Environmental Protection Agency to annihilate the right of states to regulate power generation.

It is unprecedented for the Supreme Court to stop a regulatory regime before a lower court has ruled on its merits.

The nation's largest family detention facility just opened in Dilley, Texas.

"I worry that every day my family is kept in prison it adds to the trauma that my children feel.

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