Online dating for cannabis smokers

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The app, which was created back in 2011, boats a bit of a dated interface, and some of the logistics of the app also feel a bit prehistoric.For example, the site’s mobile and desktop sites remain two separate entities.We looked at words that are more common among Ok Cupid users that are currently (or used to) smoke weed versus users who have never smoked weed, and found them to be strikingly stereotypical.We also never knew that “devils lettuce” was still a common phrase.In conclusion, if you’re a regular smoker or open to drugs in general, it probably means you have a sexier sex life.Additionally, it appears that being accepting of smokers makes you more open to dating someone who is bisexual — perhaps that’s because smoking weed is highly associated with religion. The first indicator that there’s a link between being religious and not smoking weed can be found in a person’s profile.However, if you’re looking for something that is guaranteed to hook you up with a fellow cannabis connoisseur, then you might have to download a specialty app. Luckily, a few companies have capitalized on the niche weed market, and have created some apps for the sole purpose of linking up potential cannabis-induced soul mates.So let’s take a look at some of the prevalent dating apps for weed smokers, and which one is best for you.

Sure, there are sites like tinder, bumble, and hinge, where you can do your best to filter out some of the non-tokers, based off of some of the info on their profile.We also compared how people responded to weed questions and how they responded to the question “Are you looking for love or sex on Ok Cupid?” What we found is that, in it’s own special way, weed is a gateway drug (to sex).The people who are cool with all drugs (the “yes” row) are equally split between wanting sex and love (42% and 43% respectively).So the more tolerant you are of drugs in general — whether that’s of your partner’s habits or your own — your interest in sex grows, and your interest in love declines.

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