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Or throwing shade at a co-worker via video and then learning that they’re listening on the other side.

These are easy things to do on video calls, where audio often runs through a separate channel (like the phone), you may not be able to see everyone on the other end, and the contents of your screen may be shared.

And if they decline, do not under any circumstances keep bugging them.

This is a judgment call, but generally, if you’re on a video call with several colleagues, and their cameras are all on, it looks bad for you to leave yours off.

On a video call, everyone will notice the second you become distracted.

For that reason, Senning suggests that any video call with more than three or four people should have a clear structure: a designated host, an agenda, time set aside for questions and comments, and maybe even a hand-raising policy.

In a perfect world, you’d take video calls in a quiet room with a door that locks.

But unless you live in a very different place than what we know, you’ll need to optimize the environment you got.

The word “etiquette” may summon images of tea sets and green lamp shades and haughty Victorians with their curling mustaches — but you wouldn’t show up to a live business meeting without giving some thought to how you appear and behave, so don’t do that for an online one, either.

Here are ten key rules of etiquette for doing business over video in our often-remote, always-connected age.

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