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As with many intellects, she leaves the common man far behind. Here’s an interesting bio I found on her…Pastor Melissa Scott, widow of Dr.

Following the lesson to sing her song she was sitting on a chair with her side facing the camera, unwilling to bare her soul and the truth to the world of her shame.Truthfully, I don’t think she even understands what she’s trying to say, but she knows just enough to deceive her listeners. Scott died in February 2005 from terminal prostate cancer. They were married in Reno, Nevada 8/2000, when he was 70 and she was 32..Melissa Scott was born April 12, 1968, as Melissa Pauline Peroff in Italy. Has a past, including associations and described nude photos available online, under the professional name "Barbie Bridges" and "Barbi Bridges."Barbie Bridges was Miss Nude Can-Am Exotic, out of Tornoto, Canada, in 1994.Because she was found out and called on it, she then responded making a confession of sorts with her teaching on the promises of God. He has been the go-between for many years in this intrigues, never calling anyone to accountability and further perpetuating the drama with complete disregard for the things of God.If you pull her up on google images and click into the illustration of her with the title of the same you will read her confession. The whole thing is an abomination in the eyes of God, and a stench in his nostril.

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