Recurring appointment not updating

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Recurrence Pattern: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly, the options on the right change to suit the pattern selected.

For example, choosing Weekly lets you choose the day/s of the week and how many weeks between each appointments.

Instead create a daily recurring appointment for each time of day you have to medicate.

For example, if you have to be reminded at 9am and 9pm create two daily recurring appointments – one for each time.

Click ‘Save and Close’ as usual to save the entire appointment.

On the calendar view the appointment will show up with a little twin circular arrow to indicate part of a series.

Fill in a Subject label for the reminder and, if you wish, Location and Notes.

Then look up on the toolbar and click on the large Recurring button – you’ll see a new dialog box appear to set the repeating options.

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For ‘To Do’ reminders, make the duration 0 minutes.Or change the ‘trash day’ because of a public holiday.Once you choose ‘Just this one’, you can edit that single appointment in any way you like.Make sure the reminder is set on and the reminder time is also ‘0 minutes’ (unless you want to be reminded before the due time).Twice a day or more can’t be done with a single appointment (there’s no provision for recurring events more frequently than daily).

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