Responsible for updating

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The responsible individual will fill out the necessary information on the card, and then take it, with photo identification, to a law enforcement office (or similar location) for fingerprinting.

The cards should then be mailed back to the IRS at the following address: Internal Revenue Service Submission Processing Center - Austin 3651 S.

In one sense, everyone is ultimately responsible for USING a strategic plan, but in terms of implementation, the KEY player is the leader of the organization, often the CEO, COO, or other similar senior position.

Responsible Individuals play an important and necessary role in the CPEO Application process.Processing times are based on all of the facts and information submitted with an application and the associated RIPAs.If the IRS requires additional information or clarification, it may contact the appropriate responsible individual or CPEO applicant.In addition, as provided by Notice 2016-49, the term "responsible individual" also includes: (1) in the case of a disregarded entity owned by a corporation or partnership, the responsible individuals of that corporation or partnership (as defined by the regulations); and (2) in the case of a disregarded entity owned by an individual, the individual owner.Responsible individuals must submit a Responsible Individual Personal Attestation (RIPA) as a prerequisite to the organization submitting a CPEO Application via the IRS Online Registration System.

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