Risks of sedating your cat Ebony free chat webcam video

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The vet or nurse admitting your pet will ask you details about this.

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We have a large supply of bowls and comfy bedding for our patients and would hate to lose any of your pet’s beds or toys.If you are finding this a difficult decision to make, it is something that can be discussed with your pet’s clinician.One of the reasons that there is a greater anaesthetic risk with older pets is that there is a higher chance of an animal having problems in addition to the reason why they are at the hospital.In some instances, it is actually better for your pet to have several short general anaesthetics rather than one long one.This is because the risks of anaesthesia tend to be greater the longer a patient is anaesthetised. ” A: Studies have shown that anaesthesia of cats and dogs older than 12 years of age does carry a slightly higher risk than anaesthesia of younger patients.

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