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The project will include a Six Flags theme park, due to open in 2022.As a component of Vision 2030 there was a celebration of the 87th anniversary of the Saudi founding with concerts and performances, with women for the first time being allowed into the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh.

The plan is supervised by a group of people employed under the National Center for Performance Measurement, the Delivery Unit, and the Project Management Office of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs.Also, to assist the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to finance all the projects to be developed and facilitate the process of achieving the goals and targets of Vision 2030, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman announced, in January 2016, that an IPO of Saudi ARAMCO is going to take place.However, only 5% of the company will be offered on the stock market.The case of Israa al-Ghomgham came into light after she and her husband were arrested in December 2015 for calling the release of political prisoners and an end to anti-Shia government discrimination.In 2019, the government based web application Absher gained media attention and was criticized for tracking the movement of the women of the kingdom.

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