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Now that we’ve suffered through a particularly brutal winter, let's all remember why we love to live in Detroit: the gorgeous summers.

The perfect way to experience the coming warm weather is to take advantage of Detroit’s incredible outdoor activities -- because why relegate yourself to a stereotypical romantic dinner (if you're set on that, though, here are the perfect restaurants) when you could impress your potential sweetheart with something creative and actually enjoyable?

These days, it’s more like Seamless delivery and Hulu streaming.

Detroit’s meticulously renovated Redford Theatre is an ode to the heyday of the silver screen.

You used to make those cross-border trips to Windsor on a whim with your friends when you were just 19 and itching to order a drink.

Those days are long gone, but now that your tastes have become refined, you and your SO can explore all the cultural charms that Ontario has to offer.

The ever-popular River Walk is more than sufficient for your dating needs, complete with luscious green parks, a merry-go-round, and a charmingly small lighthouse.

One path off the River Walk also leads to the Dequindre Cut, a greenway that follows the path of an old railroad track all the way to Eastern Market.

La Dolce Vita has earned the title “best patio in Detroit” for a very good reason; Lumen has a patio that overlooks Beacon Park; Motor City Wine is great for those who love hip music and... wine; Slow’s has a great patio and some of the best BBQ anywhere (the mac & cheese! Not that we have anything against a good snuggle at home, but if you’re in Detroit, you really should check out this unique, historic bathhouse.Plus, there are brews on-site, so you can let loose and have some fun.For couples looking for a culturally enriching experience that won’t break the bank, stroll on over to The Detroit Institute of Arts, which is free for Wayne County residents.Sometimes, it’s the little niceties that make dating worthwhile.And sometimes, it’s as simple as indulging in a piece of chocolate.

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