Sexy chatting game

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The have vidoes you cna watch for gems but yoh don't get the gema and as you progress in the game your forced to either annoy FB friends which everyone I know has now blocked Dragon City b/c they din't just send one request to play to friends but continue to bombard them even though they are only supposed to send one request unless you give them permission to otherwise by clicking a box on bottom of page. Customer service was rude and if you complete any offers have aome proof b/c you won't het your gems. She had already been exposed to sexual comments, requests to play “Truth or Dare,” and strangers asking for private information.There is no way to hide or turn off the chat feature.The developers of Dragon City recently added chat and "alliance" features that encourage players to interact with one another.There is some basic profanity filter, but it's easy to circumvent and there are no moderators.So you have to buy gems and they are very over priced considering how fast you go through them.

So they want you to get frustrated and just buy the gems.With what they try to get you to do, you'd end up spending hundreds of dollars (no exaggeration)-- to play a phone game!The gem thing is pretty deceptive too, because as I said they're very hard to come by, and several times now I had spent a large number of them accidentally-- in a way that I'm pretty sure the game wants you to be tricked into spending.But I guess letting children see borderline pornographic depictions of women has become a norm in video games?One other thing that I think the company really needs to work on is that a lot of stuff is not explained sufficiently and is not clear, and usually you learn about it through making costly mistakes.

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