So accomodating

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I was the boy who carried the heavy bag of bats home after the ball game. I brought water from the spring in the meadow, down below the ball field, carrying it up the hill under the burning sun.When any one of the five churches was to have a special celebration, I was invariably one of the boys who stayed up most of Saturday night getting the decorations in place.

Meanwhile, growing up in such a household, it was inevitable that the habit of being accommodating should have become almost a religion with me.But there is absolutely nothing that people will not ask and expect a druggist to do.My father had a competitor across the street and one block down.It goes without saying that Father belonged to every lodge and society in town. With all his twelve or fifteen hours of work a day, our family finances were never a nickel ahead.And yet, in all the years, I can remember my mother protesting only once.

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