Speed dating activities in the classroom

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Even in a larger lecture course there are some ways to accomplish this task.See the post Learning Your Students’ Names from September 6, 2013 for tips and tricks.) I thought to myself while sporting the maniacal teacher grin that naturally comes with making kids have so much fun that they forget they’re actually learning. )It was so fun, in fact, that I am now unsure of how I can ever top that lesson. This is a speaking activity that I made for my teenage classes on Valentine’s Day, but you could do it anytime.

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Take a look at the August 30, 2013 post Icebreakers for some ideas.I’ll have one of those “eh” plans as a placeholder to alleviate the natural stress of truly not knowing what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks you’re going to do with over 100 children the next day.But then I’ll just sit back, relax, and play the waiting game. I stayed after school to get organized and start planning for next week, even though I didn’t absolutely love my plans for the next day.I had no concrete plan, but once my desks were rearranged, I had no choice but to sit down and actually map this madness out.I had taken the time to rearrange my entire room, so I couldn’t chicken out now.

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