Speed dating resources

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Every year since 1966, young single adult members of the Church from all over Europe flock to Sweden for their annual Festinord, a five-day conference that includes playing sports, speed dating, dancing, and attending classes and devotionals.

Festinord, which translates as “Party in the North,” is organized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints each year for young single adult members in the Nordic European countries, ages 18 through 30.

Networkers are generally seeking exposure to new markets and/or expanding their pool of vendors.

Although the techniques for speed dating and speed networking can be similar – participants paired or grouped together for the purpose of introduction – the practices differ in their end goals.

That's a perfect way to see each other in reality in comparison to the old-fashioned ways of dating resources with out-of-date photographs.

You'll be able to evaluate the overall appearance and feel the chemistry at once.

Since many YSA members of the Church in the European countries live in small communities of church members, their dating opportunities within the Church can be limited.

Speed dating is an event where it's hard to lie because you have to look right in the eyes of your potential partner for the very first time.In reality, it may get even worse – you may experience an unwanted silence or rudeness. This way you get the best service and organization.A speed date is generally organized by a certain company. You get to an arranged meeting point and stay seated in the room in case if you're a lady. Generally, you have 3 or 4 minutes to find out the basic characteristic of your partner. It's one of the innovative and the fastest ways to find a partner.

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