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Writing since 2009, Catherine Hiles is a British writer currently living Stateside.Her articles appear on websites covering topics in animal health and training, lifestyle and more.In this phase what’s happening is both partners are trying to establish their individuality and take their places as the King or Queen of the relationship. Drawbacks The fights and following experiences work their way into your minds, and you form opinions about each other.You have some expectations and views about your man (he too has some about you) and these either bring disappointments or ecstasy.The two of you are no longer on your best behavior.And the chemically induced rose colored glasses you wore for the first few months are long gone. This is where you find out how to resolve disputes, and if your differences as individuals are indeed bearable.

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The next stage involves two people being comfortable enough around each other, and confident enough in the relationship, to introduce each other to their friends and families.This stage is important because it allows two people to discover if there is true chemistry between them, which is important in any lasting relationship.Getting to know one another better means two people learning each others' flaws, as well as good points.In this stage, we tend to romanticize our partners. Drawbacks After some weeks of bubbly hot moments with each other, you enter into the next stage where things start getting real.During the honeymoon stage, you and your new boo are on your best behavior.

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