Steam years of service badge not updating updating my ipod

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The individual data is incomplete for most of the previous events.

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Visit Stack Exchange I've been on steam since Jan 21 of 2004.

I have 112 XP left to reach level 11 (out of a total of 200). In other words, with this badge, mathematically speaking, I should now be level 13, but what's the problem? The value shown is the total XP earned across all unlocked levels of the badge combined.

EDIT: It's 50 XP per level for this particular badge. Looking at your Steam Profile, the reason you did not level up is because you did not meet the requirements to do so.

As Frank had said, leveling up your badges only increases its value (ie. Looking at your profile, you only have 1,088XP: Since your XP count went from 1,038XP (before your Yo S badge upgraded) to 1,088XP (after the upgrade) - You haven't reached the next level requirement (1,200XP for Level 11).

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With 11 years, I earned 550 XP, which should be enough for both what I have left on level 10, level 11 and 12 (200 XP per level until level 21). The most recent badge doesn't actually give you 550 XP, that's just your new total with the addition of the new badge.

So whatever the difference between your total for 11 years and 10 years is, that's how much XP you earned from the new badge.

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