Taylor armstrong dating matt nordgren

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Except this time around, there is photographic evidence!

The two were pictured together at the Cattle Barron’s Ball on Saturday night. Taylor has also been tweeting lately mostly just to thank fans for their support. 10: “Many thanks for the supportive tweets, letters and emails.

I think that’s a good landmark for me.”For the time being, Taylor continues to work to raise awareness for domestic violence victims. Moving on to tonight’s all new episode of the RHOBH. upset Brandi let her son pee on Adrienne’s grass – ok, it’s tacky, but c’mon!The Huffington Post is reporting that Kelsey taped a one-hour exclusive sitdown interview with Piers Morgan during which he spoke about what went wrong with his marriage.“Everyone wanted the interview, but Piers persuaded the private Kelsey to sit with him and discuss everything from his new wife, his custody fight and how he believes his ex-wife was more interested in fame and fortune than him,” reveals a source.At one point, Kelsey reportedly told Piers: “Camille married ‘Frasier,’ not me.” No word yet on when this interview will air.In Touch Weekly magazine is reporting Taylor Armstrong continues to hit rock bottom with her drinking.A friend of Taylor tells the mag that while she used to be a social drinker; she is now up to 20 drinks a day since the tragic suicide of her estranged husband Russell Armstrong back in August.“She starts early in the morning,” says the pal. She’ll pretty much drink anything.” The pal adds that they are terrified Taylor’s becoming an “alcoholic.”In fact, Taylor’s loved ones are reportedly considering an intervention.

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