Trend micro roaming mode not updating

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Hi all, I am using Outlook 2003 in a Citrix Terminal services environment and I want to turn on Cached Exchange Mode but it is greyed out. Generally your citrix server will have gigabit or better speeds to your exchange box, and it wont speed it up for end users, so its very bad to enable it By default Outlook won't allow Cached mode if its running on a Terminal Server.

Any ideas why this is happening and how can I turn this on? You have to run a reg hack to do it, but its not recommended.

So in terms of the Outlook junk emails, is there a workaround or something?

Because relying on Outlook's junk mail filter doesnt seem to work.

All of the ones that end up in my quarantine folder (I get the quarantine for the whole company) are the obvious "You've won a laptop/fuel voucher/LCD TV" etc and I've heard from a couple of users that these are also the ones that are getting through. Yes, the larger the roaming profile the longer it takes to log in, as it has to send the data from the server to the local pc. profile is copied back to server where profiles are stored.6. In which, it just doesnt make sense blocking russian-character keywords.

That and I've seen a few "I run a domain registrar in china and noticed someone tried to register your copyrighted domain, but we're nice enough to offer it to you at a stupid price" get through to users (including ones not listed on the whois or anything for the domains! Also make sure you include files on their desktop, my documents (if not redirected) etc in your calculations. profile is copied from server to machine they log into to.3. Same with blocking domains with a specific code such as @...

I think the cached exchange mode is enabled for normal (non-Citrix) Outlook users... not sure what you mean, sir Edit: the problem is, i just found out, is that server-level junk email filtering dont work for these users and i have to use the Outlook junk mail filter instead – which is crap..?

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That would be beautiful, but to tell you the truth im quite happy with ML at the moment.

From a spam management point of view im doing next to no work now, where with GFI I would spend upwards of 30mins per day trying to keep things flowing – things like reviewing the suspect spam, semi-frequent calls from users (usually a couple per day) asking if X email was blocked, updating the blacklist and keywords for common spam etc.

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