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There is the use of color palette that includes black, yellow, blue, and red. The Choice Events logo encompasses sophistication, elegance, and style that is associated with the bar industry.

The bar club markets large corporations in which the company offers staffing services to the clients.

The club’s customers are in the age group of 20’s to 30’s and up.

The graphic designer used elements of clean lines and graffiti. Such logos look great on an advertisement design to catch customers’ attention quickly.

The driving symbol is inspired from the navigation wheel of a ship and it is there in the logo design due to the company’s name being Bay Street. This logo gives the impression of an old-fashioned classic stamp.

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Since time immemorial, logo design has been amongst the most powerful marketing tools available to both businesses and individuals.The logo design depicts a large mug of beer which is associated with a man cave.Note that the logo has a hint of vintage-noir style to it.The end of the key in the logo has a shape of a martini glass.The client in design brief had said that the entire skeleton key and name will go on the club menu design and inside the bar.

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