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In person, the new gloss black bezel looks terrible, if you ask me. But the new (2012 STI) wheels look great on the car. Hi everyone, I'm just curious if anybody has done/seen a 2016 WRX aftermarket HU install yet.

Good to know, I read somewhere they were still a couple of weeks out. I've read multiple threads about the 2015 since its been out for over a year now, but with the new upgrade to the Starlink HU for the 2016, I"m curious if there were any changes to the wiring.

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Is it a safe assumption that the Starlink HU in the 2016 WRX is the same as the current Starlink HU in the Outback and Forester?

I looked at the differences in the base models (my price range) and I couldn't justify a 0 price increase just for the starlink system.

I went with the 2015 for the standard 2-din stereo that can be easily popped out so get my android auto on!

Reason I ask is because I plan installing a Pionner AVIC-8100NEX when my 2016 WRX arrives.

My 2016 WRX won't have the OEM 7" Starlink Navigation, just the basic 6.2" Starlink HU. I had the chance to get a 2016 on order for a good price but decided to go for the 2015 for this reason.

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