Updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version recovery dating uk

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You will also need a TOSVIDEO (Optical) cable, if you really want to get the full, surround sound, DOLBY experience from this machine; OR, a dolby equipped A/V amplifier with separate inputs for each set of speakers.The S301 has a built-in Dolby Decoder, and can output the 5 signals separately, via RCA plugs. It also has a component video output, and standard left-right audio connectors; and S-VIDEO connector. My A/V receiver, which is a Sony model DA1000 unit does NOT have HDMI inputs!But what I found is that every two months or so I had to get some kind of up-grade or it wouldn't play some of the Netflix movies I'd rented.I used my Square Trade warranty and junked it and bought the Sony.

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)Lighted keypad in remote would be appreciated, or day glow pads.Once again, e Bay's reseller gets the business for being more competitive.I had to do it all over again, I would buy this same unit due to the great value I got for the money.I also have a SONY DVD Recorder, which DOES provide progressive scan recording AND playback, via the component video route. All-in-all, I consider the BDP300 a good unit for most applications.If you are going to hook it directly to your TV, via HDMI, it will work like a charm; and, if your A/V Receiver has HDMI ports, it will work perfectly in that arena also.

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