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It also means you can't use it on most drives used for backup, so no performance boost there.On the other hand, if you do have a system with an SSD, AFS delivers noticeably better speed, at least for same-disk file copies for GB-size files, and security that's probably worth the update now rather than later.File moves are instantaneous under both High Sierra and Sierra, but copies of large files (like a 4.3GB ISO image) are instantaneous on AFS, the updating disk file system that's now default for anyone who doesn't have a Fusion drive or an old spinning hard drive.That's really important if you work with video and other massive-file generating tools.Want a more detailed look at what you need to know about High Sierra? There's a lot going on under the hood to lay the groundwork for future enhancements, though much of their benefit doesn't appear at the moment.When it comes down to it, many of them Apple really couldn't put off.Battery life seems to be slightly better -- we got about 30 minutes more.

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The expanded color picker options look pretty, but to use them you have to constantly look away from the screen. However, because the vulnerability is said to affect High Sierra Updating will also get you the latest security fixes (the Keychain exploit above notwithstanding).That said, my standard recommendation is to wait at least a month before updating and let the early birds find the most glaring problems and glitches, which are generally handled by followup point upgrades.Now that they're free, operating system updates are often just as much about fixing the underlying plumbing of a device as they are about adding new and notable features.That's largely the case with Mac OS 10.13, otherwise known as High Sierra.

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