Updating msn messenger 6 2

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sure exactly what you mean, but if you mean did it come preinstalled Then what you are talking is Windows messenger and NOT MSN messenger.

If you see a butterfly in your icon then it is MSN messenger.

updating msn messenger 6 2-84

updating msn messenger 6 2-44

updating msn messenger 6 2-8

updating msn messenger 6 2-43

Sorry I can't give a real definite answer to the question.Please let me know of what I'm doing wrong so that we can get this solved asap. A, in their online FAQ it mentions Make A Phone Call, and B, it shows the grayed out option to Make A Phone Call in the Actions tab before I sign in.So I think that it detects something is blocked, so it removes the option.Beware: MSN 1/2/3/4 do not have secure login and you should only use "Old MSN support" with a throwaway password. Only 8.1.0178 and 8.5 are known to work; others might not.Hi, I currently don't have the option at the home screen of MSN Messenger to Make A Phone Call.

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