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The key to getting it right is completing the steps below in order. To String() End Sub There are only a couple small changes from the previous version of this code.

1) Swear at your computer and/or CE device 2) Grab another beer (if you aren’t currently drinking that is another mistake) 3) Read the right freak’in documentation Sure, you are thinking this is a simple problem. Private Sub Worker Thread Playing Nice With The UI(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. 1) counter is no longer a local variable to the worker thread method (Use Invoke Instead Of Directly Updating UI()) 2) The worker thread method calls Me. Invoke which will call Worker Thread Playing Nice With The UI 3) Worker Thread Playing Nice With The UI uses the member level variable counter to update the label.

If you answered unpredictability then proceed to “Don’t be a moron, Mike already tried that” Don’t be a moron, Mike already tried that In my own defence I didn’t realize at the time the event was firing from a thread outside the main UI thread (I’m not sure if that is much of an excuse) Anyways, you like unpredictability eh?

I’m guessing when you are updating your UI from a worker thread you are doing something like this: What is happening here is a worker thread is created when this CE application first starts.

NET Standard 2.0 class library projects and Nu Get packages start being created, you’ll be able to reference them from . We’ve exposed three new events to support dynamic DPI senarios: We’ve recently been talking to control providers (for example, Telerik, and Grape City) so that they update their controls to support High DPI.

This can happen when the application window is moved to a display that has a different scale factor, if the current monitors scale factor is changed, you connect an external monitor to a laptop (docking or projecting).

The moral of the story: Don’t just read the documentation, read the right documentation.

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The second thing that got me is that the delegate must be of type Event Handler for the compact framework (also this is something this post told me not to do). If you are a control provider (commercial or free) and want to chat, please reach out at [email protected] WPF is inherently High DPI aware and compatible because it is based on vector graphics. Higher resolution doesn’t necessarily mean high DPI. Please do reach out to your control providers to tell them which Windows Forms (and WPF) controls you want updated to support High DPI. NET Framework 4.6.2, based on improvements in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.Looking at the example on that page the UI thread was blocking for one second.Just before the sleep call it was calling Application.

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