Updating windows receive an 646 error

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Having a hard time finding any info on the internet about this error code I should add that windows will download the updates no problem.Its when it starts to install them, that I receive this error.

verify /pa If the computer cannot retrieve the CRL because of a disconnected network or a firewall block, the signtool may report the same error “0x80096005” (TRUST_E_TIME_STAMP).In response to Hector2016 I found that too, but I checked and I cant find any certificate issue on the server. If you receive error “0x80096005”, the error occurs because the URL cache on the destination computer does not contain an up to date certificate revocation list (CRL) for the timestamp countersignature that is used to sign the update.I am looking at the Certification store on the local computer and I don't see any expired certs that would be causing this. For error "0x80096005": If you receive error “0x80096005”, follow these steps to resolve the issue: Download and install signtool command-line tool from Windows SDK under following links: the Windows SDK Command Prompt as the same account that is used to install the Microsoft . Run following signtool command on the Windows SDK Command Prompt.Win 7 updates are also slower than they should be, but not as slow as Vista. I haven't tried doing anything with Sept updates yet. I had mine "automatic" (no joy), then "check but let me decide to download and install"; then back to "automatic". I've let my Vista Home Premium x32 run for 36 hours on Windows Update and zero/zip/nada.I've let my Vista Home Premium x32 run for 36 hours on Windows Update and zero/zip/nada. Worse, Windows Update drives svchost memory use up to 650,00-729,000 !

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