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Ol» lur MALE SPECIAL RCA WHIRLPOOL 20 cu ft freezer a Ml»CEU. •••“ ““s“" OB K»UW O K Tob»i*r i Pw B«p» O t Mi**» O f Bry Bbb C oleab B Mra 9 911 FORT enterprise FACTORY BUILT OIL RANGE pm* Y0Lrp AV*'6NLY J259 HUMBER'S IJl i Nttlim B»f» I’ll” fl PBCl AI ' CHOJCK ' HLACK TOP bb U. ID USED \ ^ECIALS PAINT SALE FROST "K 1ST IVli Uin r»pr^ K.n»-T.-or«a 4-J13J Hote Tti K H»ij^ Ot tn6 B Po Mcn. I Ship Chandlers ml burnar paua ia* B tr^t P.; T you. Yaar Waiblnt Mkchlna Caatra JIM io\rs' JUJ5T~~LIi*T Ot'R 9aa GIVES YOU BETTER CARS at lower prices AND HIGHER TRADES IIM OI. fully w«*r •d“«PP*jf-, aanial ki W *"•» ^1^50 naw M I** DOWN I i*w .

' CMl and €•» "C *' •** '**"’^* * ® ^ 14* Baila Baiaa Brrf Ka and Ranair mv* N*i«*i W'» B'IUIP-m* i im ran _Bi I^b A* . and PAC A TAni, B 8 JEUNE BROS 1 or VICTORIA LTD I CASVAP On Ot »8 BIW CB I MS j To JOHNSON rntrrr I 4 4«M 4 W1 Maynardi Auctioneers W% Rinr ANU BELL ALMOST A. r HEE APPRAUAIA NO OEUOATIONB __ 44B71 AMB Reconditioned Woshers M-Oay Eirhanaa Ou Aranta* Buiiar Rriiihtra TOt Via* Bl.

PLAY ■arauaa *• hav* aur a«a U|M aarvlr* «a can affar )u*a • Itttta mar* far t Aoaa tmall llam* at fumlivra aad ai Mr Uil R** *aa bat* (Aai ar* •arplui ta rau but •arful l A a(k*rr* Pim Hm’Bf «13 e ANDOE* n RNITI RF.

ANEOl » lor ft AI-E _ BBt CUL PBICBB E i4U»3i »T»^’i»ALfc^ 11 HAMWrt RK n U ^ . 4 Vdi It3 3-J3M Ml BOAT* BIHl MARINE Includes 40 lbs Frozen Foods BUTLER brothers 707 View '■ [ 3-6911 I i Tgf RODUCTORY OFFER| d MARINE 3396 Dooqlos I FREE FROZEN FOOD’! Bryn Rd_Kb»tln« JM-T ______ MINK lowest prices 779 pandora, 2-8932 iw cam* tor sale I NTRODUCTORY WER [ QU AL I TY CDCC CD07FN FOOD ’ I * IM CAW r OH AAIJC OLSON'S Before You Buy o USED CAR Inspect These One-Year- Guaranteed Beauties V -» i4070 BUBURBAH. _0 o.—- 51£°“'"-tl“ 5 S995 SI hiujrar Bat UB.

j ^ 495 5 '095 95 5ii'o5 56 95 : nc 56 7*««Ji Jf L''! black Mdaa -r w tira Ur ^ Cl d MKVROUrr Badaa Da Lwia O I ladta and e^OOF 95 c, i Vio H wi Mdinia'd f |-iy oan Haia 3J0 DOuli A* *-$*11 Bhlncla 4*^ Biractai la rlaar par tallna I* '• Bicnia • Plaeead Nfloa l U'i.h il(g II II. Vtondi Oonad tarnna* ^A* ' o B Hy Oi'Xf Aprua and (ya'^a'te iit , M alacifte *r a®® 5^ tanad'an H-sro*»ap Mr T"! I /3 off At, I, SUMMER PURNITDR* r MAt SB LOUNOP4_D*CK CHAIRS, CAMP STOOIA Kfcrnso TABLIB. I »»*»«• 5 Doan ^ I IBM BUICK H a r d I a p r- • DOW.

CANADA LTD CHARTS R« taf« Chart lugr cvgia* Au Aratii* Im LAROB BILBCTION OP *‘*® i fttfi.h An™ifal«l rbyi. r »OAT» MOPPAT 4 Rl'RNt R «ANnrm '® HOME SHIELD A Raal Oood Ouaiitf HOUSE PAINT WMia APd Culd T* Oai i* M QU l« \o U«I .howto Biaa L“2I Jmir t.r-irra ara To Clear!

• euth de- feated Tyrone 13-7 In the all- Ireland football semi-finai In Dublin Sunday and will meet Cork In the final.

it NG HUPPUKX mrvrua and Mr JTORCVa XA B*q Reductions on All i Troc Je-in Furniture Ck*ia*fa Boad ian Pbnoa 3-3113 tp Mita ■ C naatrta Bua Dapali LARGS rwr B Cba Wa af Bt^asdit Mmtd Pkaaa Ba* DAVID STARK at MAYNARD'S 3-9141— 3l'.h Taar WALLY GRAY R A GREEN LUMBER CO. UMRBR MABDWOOO LOYJBBR Movnord’s Auctioneers PAY T«3P e Pi'’*a POR PUNOa l-974B-93ik Taaf Ml*HICAI.


witnesses to defendants Utlon now win serve to stimu In rartatn criminal esses late additional thought by mem Reliuiate state aedition law*. "Well th Uliihe**** thing I've ever seen." he remarked from a pemplilnc. A minute later, a Rnundahout- weathered traffic oftlner ram# tn the rescue and effkdently unknotled the Ue-up. i,„ r of Vancouver t'loudy with oci'attonal light rain and dti-vh- I. Wind*, light Higli at E«ievan Point, f»wrpaxtt »i».a t ,., II prrrip CCT7WE0 BONDED HEATING AT ns BEST t M WITH torrc REtt . T, when the alleged "cuddling" was supposed to have taken plai'e. a ba-i- fumble 11 r»u in * s Tlvr-ar hi Moi v i*i N*'w the first game of the fine p H. Tnuosenrt nf l^ngtmd Second pr L'e went to V- aw.irded • fishing outfit. E S Touthn Vw”' - who had never landed a builno Holman. was Ihe man Krtmonton had as Ms quarierhaik when M w^on the first nf Ms three straight titles In 19'»4 The former . They hav* discovered for tbemi»eiv#« Ikal a el tan. F*rrahsrp head it light-weight Tor easy gliding into the loughesi placet. Aw|u(t 20, 19S7 Forecnfil fjffrtfirtl |»en».jiiun fi- «1 r**in-*n La-t*»‘y'l*t‘- Nanaimo e*rt Alk*t«i 16 P..

Tt will be the eighth giant binge game held In Memorial Arena by the organization. A California motorist -re- ceiving no direction fmm the absence of signs at the Roundabout — concluded that the fastest way from Bi Uslde to Douglas writ a simple left turn. but a spilt aecond after he started hia bold venture the ruah hour stampede of home- bound iiativrb cloaed In on him from three direction* Unable to move either for- ward or backward In the midst of the Jam. i first ntt Me-tior ays 'ipfn fiii‘1 ^a^l rlasscs were txirderlme ca-scs In Grade 9 and promotion ** In the ! hmg duelt»eiween Ja*k ^ roiildn'' gei anywheie ‘ v.„k. Sloneham refused torommen' KDMONTON — Saskatchewan’s injurv-rifl- dkx J Rou Khrideis. J- who won an auto JJ'**'**^" ' ’■'- f r..t ^er tn w in. Ntaryland ace hat been In the t - army the la- couple of je. For the first time in shaving history, a light- weight razor and a strong blade are married into one perfect precision instrument. •mar Uy attired staff is the ftoieet aalee b4oeter In the work L I,New Method In- troduce 3 roa. Ph4)pp 4-0101 and a Ak for (Garment Bnpply Department. Shaving is easier skin and chin gentled and prepared for better shaving.

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