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A combo box is a data capture control just like a text box. The user can click on any of these values to populate the text box.

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In this workbook we already have the dummy data for customers and products.That is why I wrapped a table name inside a named range and then wrap it again under another name to work around this problem. A long dialogue box will open with lots of properties.Step 6: Few of the important changes that I made in properties: This is how properties look after the changes: And this is how it performed after the changes: Step 7: Now that we have the list working, we can fetch the contact details of customers in the box under combo box using a formula in cell H10 of Invoice worksheet: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(Customer Name, Customers Table,5, FALSE),””) Remember Customer Name is the name we gave to cell above customer table.Step 3: Have an active cell inside the table in Customers worksheet and go to design tab Now you must be confused that why we have defined the name twice for a table that already gets a name by default.For some weird reasons the combo box that we will use to make multi-column data validation list does not take named ranges based on table names even if it refers to a table. Point to the cell where you want it and draw it by clicking and holding left mouse button and releasing it once done: Step 5: Right click on inserted combo box and click properties.

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