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It's a favourite of many webmasters for checking broken links on their site.

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Any HTML or CSS problems could be especially harmful for viewers using browsers on mobile devices, so this is another great reason to validate your web documents.

This is the W3 Consortium's CSS validator for validating Cascading Style Sheets.

You can either download it and use it on your own machine, upload your cascading style sheet (CSS) to their online service, or supply your URL for their spider to visit your site.

If one is detected that does not reference a known Git host, local links still work as expected.

In a nutshell: this page lists HTML validators (which check HTML code for standards compliance and errors), CSS validators (which check Cascading Style Sheets for errors and standards compliance), browser compatibility checkers (checks your page to see if it is compatible with various browsers), broken link (or dead links) checkers, accessibility checking (check if your web page is accessible to people with disabilities), etc.

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