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This means clustered Jumpoint configuration lacks the following options which are available to standalone Jumpoints: Shell Jump, and normal Jump sessions are all supported when using clustered Jumpoints; however, the advanced configuration of these features is not available.

This includes settings such as provisioned SSH hosts, v Pro reimaging, Jumpzone Proxy, TTL, etc.

Setting these delimiters determines the duration of time for which users can access the remote network through this Jumpoint.

After installing the Jumpoint, you receive a confirmation message. If you installed a standalone Jumpoint, the configuration options can be modified by locating the Bomgar folder in the Windows All Programs or Programs and Features menu, opening the site subfolder, and running Jumpoint Configuration item on the start menu of the Jumpoint host does not result in a configuration window, and only an About box is shown The steps for creating a clustered Jumpoint in /login are the same as for a standalone, with only one difference: once you have created the clustered Jumpoint, you can add nodes to it.

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A clustered Jumpoint is available as long as at least one of the installed nodes is online.The Shell Jump tab determines how this Jumpoint can be used to connect to SSH-enabled and Telnet-enabled network devices.Shell Jump must also be enabled on the Jump Jumpoint page of the administrative interface.The new Jumpoint does not copy over the configuration from the old Jumpoint and must be reconfigured during installation.In the case of clustered Jumpoints, keep in mind that there is no customization available at the local level.

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