What is sprrd dating

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Maybe your tires aren't perfectly aligned or inflated, which will also affect their performance.The rating does not represent exactly the maximum speed that you can drive on them in real-world conditions.Don't know whether you need the more expensive V- or ZR-rated tires that the car came with?Fear not, mighty consumer, for the information here will edify you.S, H, and V were the original three developed and is why H is out of alpha order.Obviously, most of these ratings are for tires that do not go on passenger cars.

Likewise, if you're looking to put inexpensive shoes on a minivan, you probably don't need V-rated tires, even if they were the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) choice.

Confused about what that letter means right after your tire size?

Ever had someone at a tire shop ask what your speed rating was and didn't know what the person meant?

Consult your owner's manual for other warnings or advice related to your specific vehicle.

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