Who has john mayer dating

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I mean, he’s got some of the most gorgeous women in the world on his list of conquests.

It should be testament enough to how many notches are on John Mayer's belt that his conquests are all over the internet.

That being said, the man’s got the voice of an angel, the ability to play the guitar like Mozart played the piano, and song writing skills like Shakespeare’s play writing skills. So maybe that’s why all of these drop dead gorgeous women date him?

I don’t know about you, but I personally never really thought John Mayer was all that attractive.

Maybe it’s his greasy hair, of his unkempt look, but I just think he looks kinda dirty.

Previously, they had hung out together with mutual friends in a group, and that, apparently, led to much more.

Also after the controversial breakup with Jessica Simpson in 2007, John occupied himself with fellow singer Mandy Moore.

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