Who is alaine laughton dating

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She also wrote the hit song 'Automatic' for the queen of reggae music, Marcia Griffiths.

Despite having fame, a massive fan base and wealth, Alaine Laughton has always kept her personal life including Alaine Laughton husband secret.Alaine draws attention to the fact that we are all one and if we treat each other the way we treat ourselves, a lot of the world's ills could be healed.Alaine recently released a new video for her hit song 'You Give Me Hope'.The fact that little is known about her romantic relationships makes her fans even more eager about her current status.So for those of you who are asking is Alaine Laughton married? And until Alaine Laughton married status becomes a reality or if she confirms the status herself, those who have been dreaming of tying the knot with the Jamaican artist can continue to dream on, after all, all dreams are valid.

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    ), De Anna Pappas started dating and then got engaged to Stephen Stagliano and Holly Durst started dating and got engaged to Michael Stagliano (Holly hooked up with several other alums before alighting with Michael, but we’re starting to confuse ourselves, so we’ll spare you the deets). But , where Michael was hoping for a third chance at love with Holly, but (uh oh) Holly fell hopelessly in love with the show’s bad boy, Blake Julian (who was only recently introduced into the Bachelor Nation fold on Ashley Hebert’s season of , Blake proposed to Holly, Holly said, “YES,” and Holly surprised Michael (her partner, and co-winner, on the show) with the gut-wrenching news in front of a live studio audience.

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