Who is alex shelley dating

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Tag Tournament (2012) (w/Kushida), NWA Midwest X Division Championship, OCW Tag Team Championship, NWA International Light Heavyweight Tag Team Championship (w/Chris Sabin), TNA World Tag Team Championship (w/Chris Sabin), TNA X Division Championship, UWA Lightweight Championship, XICW Cruiserweight Championship , XICW Tag Team Championship, w Xw World Heavyweight Championship, Zero1-Max United States Openweight Championship, ROH World Tag Team Championship (w/Chris Sabin) Wrestled 3 matches in Arena Mexico as part of a CMLL versus TNA feud in 2008.

Subsequently revealed there was a plan to do a double apuesta match with Chris Sabin against Negro Casas & Ultimo Guerrero, but the two sides couldn't agree to a price for the match.

Ring Of Honor posted a new edition of 10 Questions. The in-ring veteran discussed being homeless upon leaving ROH, advice that was given to him by Kevin Nash, and more.

— @Lx$ (@fakekinkade) August 8, 2019 PS: Let’s get something straight about my recounting of talented wrestlers not being utilized by a former employer. Veterans (and everyone) can be utilized productively.

Shelley revealed his personal troubles after Ring of Honor asked him what was on his bucket list."Again, full transparency: I went through a lot of life changes when I left ROH," Shelley admitted.

“I was like ‘wow, these guys’—I was living in the dojo at the time—these guys are working around the clock and they’re upstairs stretching out Tiger Mask right now, and they’re giving functional massage, and another one is in the ring and he’s doing core engagement, spinal stabilization exercises with all of the junior heavyweights, and I thought that this was just so cool. I love wrestling and I love being a wrestler, but i always thought that science of healing and the art of healing was very, very impressive.

Really, they’re the unsung heroes of New Japan, those guys keep people moving, especially during times like the G1.

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