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Her fan book, “Six Foot One and Worth the Climb,” is a collage of movie memories, girlhood snapshots and soft focus from her reign as Penthouse Pet of the Year. At 35, she likes being “queen of the B’s.” “I don’t want to be an A-star. I’d like to be respected by those people, but I’d like to be respected for the work that I do now,” she says. Smitten, he joined her fan club and stammered he was creator of the world’s most famous mutated reptiles. Miss Strain was modeling for Olivia, an artist friend of Eastman’s.On the B-movie circuit, she gets the job done in two takes. SUNDAY EVENING I ABC News X ABC World News Sunday X Movie: ★* Born to Be Wild” (1995, Adventure) Wil Hornell, Helen Shaver Peter Boyle A Seattle teen-ager befriends a runaway gorilla.Being a cartoon mogul is a way to achieve grandeur and retain personal privacy, he says.“I always liked the idea that the turtles were the celebrities.” Miss Strain is not so shy. Or, that’s to say, her persona as Willow Black, lethal lady of video.

Together, they are one odd Hollywood couple, but they seem to be able to operate on their own quirky terms.Cast: The Wood Three old friends -- Mike (Omar Epps), Roland (Taye Diggs) and Slim (Richard T.Jones) -- recount memories of their shared childhood in Inglewood, Calif., as they prepare for Roland's wedding to his f...Add another 6 inches with spiked heels and her Niagara tumble of raven-black curls and she could play in the WNBA.Drape her in chains, arm her with NATO-regulation weaponry and she makes Xena look like a wimp. Yet she carries it off with affable charm, even if she knows the score in Tinseltown.

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