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Putting aside the multicamera format—a perennial CBS favorite—and the painful laugh track, seems more like a parody of a sitcom than an actual comedy that’s been ordered to series, one that the studio and the network have spent money on to develop, produce, market, and promote.

Opposites attract, even when they come from different ethnic backgrounds, Rob seems to shrilly scream at the top of its lungs. Rob makes a gaffe by blurting about Catholics and birth control when faced by Maggie’s huge family!

Maggie’s mother, Rosa (Diana-Maria Riva), looks down on Rob because he’s a—wait for it—gardener!

Rob is actually a “landscape architect,” and clearly a well-paid one, judging from his house, but Rosa’s having none of that.

It’s a particularly horrific sequence that’s played out for laughs as Maggie’s unnamed Abuelita attempts to fight off Rob, but then later offers him a flirtatious wave in a complete about-face.

There’s a line about their meet-cute at a dress shop, where Maggie perhaps works, but the CBS website indicates that she’s a “smart book translator.” This isn’t at all felt in the pilot, where she’s both repeatedly infantilized and sexualized in the course of 20-odd minutes, and given little to do except entice Rob into the bedroom or glare at him angrily for his latest social misstep. Rob, looking for Maggie and her parents in the hopes that she’s told them of the marriage, stumbles into the bedroom of her grieving Abuelita (Lupe Ontiveros), where he knocks over a picture of her late husband, which in turn spills hot wax—from her candle-festooned shrine—onto his crotch.

He’s meant to provide some semblance of comic relief, his entrances and exits modeled after ’s Kramer, but without the deftness of Michael Richards, depth of character, or humorous dialogue.

He’s a leech in a man’s form, who happily swills spoiled sangria and sneaks into Rob and Maggie’s bedroom.

Lundgren stars as another assassin hired to take on Carver (Gooding’s character).

Have you seen this preview for the new show Spain: On the Road Again starring Mario Batali, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Bittman and Claudia Bassols?

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