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She is of “Italian/Sicilian and part German and possibly some Russian” descent. Calhoun High School in Merrick, New York and graduated with honors in 1988.Gibson took a hiatus from pop music that proved her as a music prodigy and set her sights on the theatre to reinvent herself.She was often seen with hats, usually Black Bowlers.She also graced the covers of a number of teen magazines like Tiger Beat amongst others.Being an entertainer with versatile and enduring talent, Gibson’s journey from singer to actress, proved every bit as successful as her remarkable run as a 1980s pop sensation.

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She had a wardrobe malfunction during her first live performance of “Only in My Dreams.”She used to wear the same outfit every night as a signature style when she was on tours.

Debbie went on world tours and amazed her fans with her mind-boggling performance.

After conquering the pop world, she forayed into movies to dazzle with entertainment magic, making her debut in the 1984 American supernatural comedy film, Ghostbusters in an uncredited role.

She owns several properties in the US and currently lives in a luxury celeb mansion in California. She wrote her first song, “Make Sure You Know Your Classroom,” at age 6, and in fifth grade, she composed an opera.

Gibson has sold more than 16 million albums worldwide, performed for British Royalty and hosted “The American Music Awards,” produced by friend and legend Dick Clark.

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