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He transitioned from Jack Wodell & Associates to the marketing department at Warner Brothers. Don was fired by Warners in 1972 and out of work for three desolate years. While attending the Deauville Film Festival with director-friend Paul Bartel, he heard a knock on his hotel room door one night.

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' well, the first thing I like to do is fuck - not make love." (HC pg.Me, I ask one girl to go out with me, and she says no, and I want to go put my head in the oven." London: "Simpson told me he hung out with hookers because he couldnt' bear to risk rejection." (HC, pg.83) Simpson's Bel Air home on Cherokee Avenue was the place to meet beautiful women in Los Angeles during the 1980s.You cannot do anything right." These tirades gave Harmon headaches and sleeplessness. He had a whole section of his Rolodex marked 'Girls'.Other Simpson-Bruckheimer employees confirmed most of Harmon's charges. They'd come to the office the next day, and Monica [Harmon] would have to pay them. His tastes were very special, and he was into S&M." (High Concept, pg.

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