Wii modding and online updating

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Running homebrew on your console is 100% free using nothing but the system’s browser.

On the Wii console, open the door next to the game disc slot to access the SD card slot.If the Wii runs version 4.3, use the Letter Bomb method; if the Wii runs version 4.2 or earlier, use the Bannerbomb method.If you have a new Wii, this procedure reportedly won't work until there is at least one message in your Wii Message Board.If we must honestly answer this question, you'd have to say: "Yes there is", but we still don't recommend it for 2 reasons: So, whenever you want to re-softmod your wii, or "update" it, all you actually need to do is to follow the normal steps again.Nothing has to be changed in the guide, no steps have to be added or removed.

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