Women dating sites so picky

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The solution: Give up some of your demands, and cast a wider net. Plus, their jobs pay a lot better than, say, a conceptual performance artist.So your dreamy-eyed, strong-shouldered guy is a plumber. Most of life is pretty prosaic anyway, and when it comes to fixing things around the house, a construction worker is going to be a lot more useful than an unemployed magician.Say 20 of these young men and 20 of these young women wed each other: Now it’s 40 single ladies left against 20 guys, many or most of whom might be monogamy-allergic. High pay doesn’t make you a scintillating conversationalist.If you’re a marriage-minded lady, your odds of snagging a commitment from a fellow college graduate are suddenly looking daunting. Blue-collar guys may be more fun to talk to than you think, if you start treating them like equals instead of anthropological finds and resist the urge to text your clever (and unmarried, snarky) Barnard friends, “OMG, I’m talking to a guy with a GED, SOS! Whatever happens to the US economy, garbage collectors will always be needed.(Yes, really.) I know everyone’s intentions are good, that they just want to see me happily partnered, but the message drives me (and every uncoupled woman! Here, three big reasons everybody needs to cool it with declaring my standards are too high: Giving someone a chance is one thing, but I know what I want—and how I want to feel.You're telling me I should force myself to spend more time with someone I don't feel comfortable with. In fact, when I ignored all my instincts and tried that recently, the man wound up morphing into an entitled, scary lunatic (true story).

If I'm ending things with someone, it's not because he's not capital-P perfect—it's because one or more of those crucial elements is missing.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a very real reason I don’t want to go out with certain dudes again.

And whether that’s because I’m getting creepy vibes or he reminds me of my ex or I’m just plain not feeling any sparks, I’m allowed to listen to and honor that.

A few weeks before that, I went out with a different partnered friend, and we gossiped a bit about one of our mutual, single amigas.

“I know you don’t do this, but I just think she’s too picky,” my boyfriend-having bud announced.

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