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Daters did not partake of the arcade games or stumble through Black Bart's Cave, the haunted tunnel. Basquez assigned them to partners, then rang a bell to signal it was time to switch seats and make notes on a cheat sheet.

So far, Basquez says her company, Catholic Speed Dating, and affiliated blind dating match service Faith Match, have been credited with 30 marriages – and that doesn't count people who used her service and later found someone to marry.

LAKEWOOD, CO -- Anna Basquez, of Denver, who calls herself a "matchmaker," held her first her Catholic speed-dating event on a Valentine's Day in 2011 and was surprised when 70 people showed up.

Basquez, has built a business bringing people together, (and not just Catholics).

Basquez always cautions daters to never write someone off.

A priest she knew gave the best dating advice, she said. Look for someone who is both emotionally and spiritually mature." Anna's advice for the broken hearts in the group is simple: Sometimes there aren't answers for suffering.

"This makes people refocus and make [dating] a priority in their lives, and not just pass up somebody they want to date," she said. She charges around per person, including a meal.

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"Love is a choice, not a feeling." At Casa Bonita, love is a cowboy show, a 30-foot waterfall and a guy in a gorilla suit.[Speed dating] is a better way to get a good idea of a person in general.Plus, it forces you to get out and spend a couple hours talking to people," he said.She said many are professionals, doctors, dentists, FBI agents, people who travel for work and don't really socialize with people who would make good marriage partners.A string of nuptials after her first event led her to think she was providing a service that was needed -- and divinely inspired.

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