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You queens will surely be seeing his next movie and will discuss it across the interwebs. R58 I don't think everyone who likes making fun of him will pay to see his movies.

One the things the internet has brought us is the ability to easily keep track of celebrities without actually seeing any of their work. Watching very thirsty stars embarrass themselves amuses me.

However,he can act and if he stops the cheesy and desperate attempts to become a huge star and just does what he is good at, we will see him, older and wiser, in some good things.

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Like when he played a renegade Roman general in "Coriolanus".General on-sale is 9am Friday 30 November, with priority on-sale to all previous The Jamie Lloyd Company ticket bookers, Ambassador Theatre Group Theatre Card members and Pinter at the Pinter ticket holders at 9am Thursday 29 November. Now take your ass back to whatever rock you slithered out from and let us have our DL back to the way it was meant to be, frau-free.He has crazy stans constantly stalking him in his neighbourhood, women showing up in wedding dresses at cons for him and nearly three years later people are still making fun of him because of Hiddleswift. I believe the Marvel actors are contractually obligated to attend the comic cons. It has to be uncomfortable for them to be around their most insane and delusional fans.He also needs to stop trying to butch it up or act like he is a ladies man. He was a twat for signing up for that showmance but by all appearances he's learned his lesson, I'm sure he'd like to move on.Tom Hiddleston on Taylor Swift, Heartbreak, and that Tank Top Tom Hiddleston is many things: a beloved Marvel villain, a James Bond short-lister, the leading man in 'Night Manager', and a Taylor Swift ex.

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